Each assignment undertaken by Weston Associates is supported by a well-equipped, full-time research team and managed directly by one of the firm's senior partners to insure the highest level of quality and service.

It is the firm's policy to recruit qualified candidates without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, handicapped or veteran status. In conjunction with this charter, we have earned the reputation of being a leader in diversity recruiting across all functional areas.

Executive Search Methodology
At the outset of an assignment, a position specification detailing the search guidelines is developed with the client.  A senior partner then directs the efforts of the in-house research department to determine those sources most likely to produce qualified candidates. Most searches require the identification and evaluation of fifty to one hundred individuals. Clients are generally presented with qualified candidates within thirty days of an assignment.  Although the senior partners contact and interview a number of prospects, detailed reports are only submitted on the most qualified individuals.

The candidate's professional career and total compensation is addressed through the submission of the biographical report.  The firm also assists in formulating an equitable, acceptable offer while maintaining contact with the final candidate and the client during this most critical phase.

As part of internal quality control standards, a partner will be personally involved on every assignment and no candidates are presented unless they have been interviewed by the firm.